"When you do it right, it will last forever."

So said iconic Italian designer Massimo Vignelli—and these words represent exactly my perspective on design. Design should be about deep thought and the result should stand the test of time—in other words, it must be ‘timeless’ and as relevant to future generations as it is today.

So this is my philosophy in a nutshell—but how did I come to this conclusion? Below you will find some information about me and the story of how I became a designer.

I can trace back the moment to 2004, the first time I became inspired by this field, although I had been deeply interested in art and design from a young age. From the earliest days of the internet I spent countless hours browsing the web searching for the latest trends and paying close attention to details. During this period—and right up to today—I witnessed the evolution of online technology and wanted to know everything there was to know about this new phenomenon that was sweeping the world. This, in turn, grew into a passion for coding.

Many hours were spent reading through technical blogs and reports, trying to understand exactly how the web worked; I spent my time exploring, developing and creating while still an amateur.

By the time 2008 arrived I realised that the web was slowly undergoing a metamorphosis. Gradually the Internet was becoming a beautiful place—and I wanted to contribute. It soon dawned on me that the true meaning of digital beauty did not depend on code alone, but was rather a combination with Graphic Design and Creative Solutions. In other words, coding was the tool to achieve a means and creativity and imagination were equally as essential.

In 2011 I joined the Marbella Design Academy, which helped me to develop my skills in many fields of design including branding, illustration, marketing, advertising, video editing and related disciplines. Having graduated in 2014 with an award, the technical and creative skills I acquired allow me today to develop projects for private clients and companies. I work as a freelancer, always eager to start new and exciting projects.

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Adriano Fidalgo Martins
Graphic Designer & Web Developer

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  • Adobe Photoshop


    12 years

  • Adobe Indesign


    8 years

  • Adobe Illustrator


    6 years

  • Web development


    13 years

  • Creativity


    31 years



  • Portuguese

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Creative thinking! Ideas fueled and geared by skill and passion.

I’m a 31-year-old Graphic & Web Designer based in Marbella, Spain, with more than ten years of freelance and studio experience.

I am passionate about what I do. Each and every design I create is given all my attention, with a particular emphasis on the smallest details. At the heart of my creative ethos is the belief that every project is different and each should have a unique design.

These are my software skills, that will help those ideas come to life.

  • Creativity


    31 years

  • Team Spirit


    12 years

  • Problem Solving


    Solving with design

  • Passionate


    31 years

Adobe Creative Suite



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I started in the world of design even before I finished high school and it was clear that I wanted it to become my future career. I was born in Oporto, Portugal, a city growing to be European Capital of Culture in the early 2000s. This prestigious title made me take a closer look around me and this was when I realised I was surrounded by incredible design, beautiful architecture, new brands and lots of opportunities. Within this environment of transformation and internationalisation, Oporto gave me the foundation and resources I needed at the time. In these formative years I traveled widely, learning about many different cultures and their views on design. I saw the way countries had different approaches and how ideas evolved.


2004 was the start of a project that engaged me in the world of performing arts. I understood that art and design are ways to express feelings, messages, statements and more. A few friends at the time were expressing themselves through dance, something that I found extremely interesting and inspirational. Without doubt, dancing is an art form and was one route for me to develop artistically in a way that was resonated with me.

After a year of daily dedication to learning how to express myself through dance, my friends invited me to join their group, Momentum Crew. There may have only been four of us, but our minds were set to make our mark. Time passed and more people became involved. Supreme effort and dedication had their rewards as we evolved quickly—so much so that by 2006 we started to participate in national and international championships. As a group, we managed to win several titles and sponsors became interested. One member from our group was experienced in business and got us involved in event planning. He hosted and planned an annual event called Eurobattle in our hometown of Oporto, which opened many doors to international relationships in the dance field. With this I gained the ability to speak to big crowds of people confidently.


While dancing my career as a Graphic Designer and Web Developer continued to grow but until 2008 most of my skills were in coding. I had been working for private clients and the greatest demand was for websites as simply gaining an Internet presence was the number one business priority at the time.

I started coding with the "notepad" application for Windows XP and most of the websites I created were pure HTML and CSS. For each project I had to hire a Graphic Designer and a Photographer as I felt I was lacking the requisite skills—a frustrating experience as I had all the ideas needed! This was the main reason I decided to enroll in a Graphic Design course. I browsed the web and found the Marbella Design Academy, a small university in the south of Spain that offered a Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design. From that moment my path was set—I was ready to move to Andalucía to start a new life. I left dance and my group—a phase of my life was over as I believe to be good at something one must dedicate 100% to it. I now had a new passion and nothing was going to distract me from fully committing to it.


In 2011 I started my college course. Studying the work of so many great designers left me inspired—and not a little amazed by the sheer creativity and vision they displayed. During my course, I seemingly spent a thousand hours without sleep, with numerous projects to deliver—and loved every moment! About a billion clicks later I graduated with honours and an award recognising all the hard work I had done.

2015/ 2017

Freelance Graphic Designer & Web Developer, creating design work for private clients and companies with Manifesto Design.


"Experience is the teacher of all things,"

According to Julius Caesar. This quote defines life as a whole but also sharply represents my path in design. My experience at Marbella Design Academy was a success! I received the knowledge and skills I needed to launch myself into the competitive world of Art & Design.

Drisign | Graphic Design
  • 20112014

    Marbella Design Academy

    Completed three year Bachelor's Degree in Graphic Design. Awarded with "Outstanding academic results & excellent attendance record."

Currently re-designing, coming soon with exciting stories


A list of services I provide can be found below. If you are interested in any of my services please fill in the form on the contact page and I will reply within one hour. If you need to discuss a project in person please do not hesitate, you can book an appointment by calling me directly on my phone.

Graphic Design

Image Manipulation

I provide professional image manipulation to fit the highest expectations.

Editorial Design

Magazine design, layouts and more. My design will always be adapted to your needs.


High quality designs for brochures, flyers, posters or any kind of small format prints and paper types.


Grand format designs that will make your company stand out from the others.

Corporate Identity

Need a logo? I can provide a complete branding project, including a case study of your industry.

Stationary Design

High quality stationary design that will give your company a high fashion to the smallest details.


Custom vectors and illustrations, simple or complex designs that tell stories.

UI Design

Design for a smooth straight forward interface. Visual icons that change the way you browse.

Web Design & Development

Website Design

Your spot on the web! A place that allows your business to run while you sleep.

Wordpress Website

A simple to use platform that allows you to update your content on the go.

Custom Designs

For those that already have a website but would like it to look different and modern.


Content Management System installation and branded for you. Look professional and sleek.

More Services

Web Hosting

Hosting services for clients, using Linux servers with Cpanel. Your site will be online in record time!

Video Creation

If your company needs a promotional video, an advert or other media, get in touch!

Custom Typography

Custom font design for the ones that want nothing but perfection.


High quality pictures to attract more clients. "A picture is worth a thousand words."


Third Sense


Third Sense was created to bring a new level of 3D design into Switzerland. We are a team of focussed professionals ready to create the most outstanding 3D projects. As the project manager for Third Sense in Switzerland I can quality assure and provide the following services:


Turning projects into reality

When you approach us with a plan, we will convert it into a three dimensional reality.


Looking for a timeless design? I am looking forward to hearing from you.


Helsinki, Finland
+358 41 491 7821

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Drisign | Graphic Designer & Web Developer